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Since there are so many places of higher learning in Chicago, some learned person may be able to answer this.\ Given the property called 'the conservation of angular momentum' which we all observe even if we don't know what it is called when we see a skater pull in their arms and their speed of spinning increases.\ At the present time, there are polar ice caps. There are thousands of tons of ice there. When the ice melts and gathers at the Equator due to centrifugal or centripital force (whatever the correct name is), it will be the same as the skater's arms are extended. The intuitive conclusion is that the rotation of the Earth will slow down.\ But since it is in the realm of physics and I am in the realm of construction workers I was not sure my logic was as good as Spock's. I am sure inquiring minds want to know the answer.

Asked by Stan Balabuszko

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