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South of O’Hare is a stretch of 294 where there are more billboard signs than anywhere else I know. The density of these signs is amazing. I have 2 questions about this.\ \ 1) Lady Bird Johnson had a beautification program in the 60s where most billboards disappeared across the country. When I was a kid, driving across the country was like seeing 1 sign after another, after another. You could hardly see the corn in some places. The only surviving stretch of road with that kind of billboard density is along 294. How was this able to persist when everywhere else was ‘beautified’ ? - http://www.pbs.org/ladybird/shattereddreams/shattereddreams_report.html\ \ 2) When driving down 294, I am entertained and distracted by all of the signs. Does this area have a higher accident rate than other similar areas?

Asked by Frank Bleeker

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