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Has the city ever thought about reversing the direction the Pink line takes in the loop?\ \ I think this would more efficiently serve the community as well as create better efficiency for the other lines on the Loop tracks. Here's why:\ \ From the North and South commuters have a choice onto which train will get to their destination faster.\ \ On the north side going south, there are eight stations (Belmont - Merchandise Mart) that share the Brown and Purple line. Upon entering the loop, passengers are conscious that the Purple has a bias towards Lake and Wabash, and the Brown has a bias down Wells and Van Buren.\ \ On the south side going north, trains converge at Roosevelt to give commuters a similar option. They can take the green line to get to the upper West loop or service Wabash and Lake faster, or the Orange in order to service Van Buren and Wells faster.\ \ The west side does not have such convenience. Between Ashland and Clinton there is an obsolete choice in transferring trains. Both Pink and Green lines serve the same bias. They both go east into the loop, favoring Lake and Wabash. In fact, in the loop they share 5 additional stops!\ \ Wouldn’t reversing the Pink line give commuters from Ashland to Clinton a choice in their convenience? A choice in deciding if they’d rather go east or south once they get in the loop?\ \ Also, wouldn’t reversing the Pink line create less of a bottleneck for trains in the Loop? Currently the Orange, Purple, and Pink lines share the same tracks around the loop. For half of the loop they also have to share with the Green line! Switching the Pink to the Brown line tracks would create more parity, and hopefully a smoother ride for all commuters!\ \ Thoughts?

Asked by William Mayback

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