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i understand you are talking about the Electoral College today. I thought of a solution that I think could easily get approval from Congress and the states because it is fair to all. I think we still need the Electoral College because it would motivate candidates to focus on all areas, not just those with large populations. The problem with the current process is the Winner Take All result. In this situation, if you voted for the candidate that did not win the majority of votes in your state, essentially your vote doesn't count toward the "official" vote for president by the Electoral College. If we simply changed it to a system in which the Electoral College votes are split based on the percentage of votes who voted for each candidate received, everyone's vote would be count toward the "official" vote for president by the Electoral College and candidates would need to campaign hard every where knowing that even if they didn't win in a state the votes for them would still help them win Electoral votes.

Asked by Barbara S Schell

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